Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parents! I need your help.

In these dark and cold days of January I am especially amazed at our youth who sacrifice warmth and sleep to come to seminary. I hope they remember they are following the example of millions of saints who have gone before them and will be examples to the millions who are yet to come.

Parents: Do you know of any early saints in your family? Please let me know so we can talk about them in class and make our lessons more personal. If you are like me-a convert-would you consider sharing with me the incidents surrounding your or your family member's conversion? Looking at our genealogy chart I just realized that Evan is descended from John Johnson, who's home is pictured above. How sad if he had grown up and never knew about his family's history in the early stages of the restoration! We all have a story to tell-we hope you will share yours with us.

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