Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seminary Website!

Greetings everyone!

Did you know there is a seminary website you can reach from It is a bit tricky to find so here is how you locate it...

Go to and click on "Serving in the Church" at the top section.
Click on Seminary and Institutes of Religion in the drop down box.
On the Right is a box with "Seminary Website". Click on that.
Now, on the left is a box that will have in it "Scripture Mastery" Click that.
There you go! There are games that will help you memorize you scripture mastery. Please concentrate the most on Doctrine and Covenants, for the time being! Later on you can brush up on your past scriptures, too. This would be a great date activity, don't you think?

Students-go to the site and tell me what you did and it will be worth some Scripture Bucks. Parents, I would do the games when the kids are at school so you can show off your sweet S.M. skills at FHE. Just a thought... :] Try this-it might get you directly there. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Sister Price, I'm going on a date and we don't have an idea yet so we might have to have this as our fall back plan. Thanks.