Friday, September 17, 2010

Through Heaven's Eyes

Last week I was able to attend a training day for seminary teachers in Irvine. Speaking was Elder Waddell, our Area Authority Seventy. He spoke of one of his Elders in Spain, where he served as Mission President. This Elder was not very handsome or eloquent. The language was difficult for him, yet he was an incredible missionary, bringing to many people the blessings of the gospel. In an interview with this young man, the question was asked; "What is the key to your success?". His reply? "When the person opens the door, I imagine them dressed in white. I see them for who they are, children of God." This statement came back to me in a very personal way this day, when I looked at the seminary students as who they really are and what they will soon be doing. With name tags on their suits and dresses. Dressed in white. Being spiritual leaders. I love them all. I pray that we can look at our children, our friends and ourselves as the Lord sees us, and strive to be that person while we are here, on this beautiful earth.

I thought you might like to hear this song that I shared at youth conference to help you keep these thoughts with you.

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